Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Found it

I have been looking for Elizabeth Zimmermann's book 'Opinionated Knitter' for a while now. It is out of print and not the easiest book to find. So - today - I was browsing some Yarn P0rn and unexpectedly found a copy on Socktopus.

I'm really chuffed that I will be finally getting a copy of this bible. I have two of her other books and am looking forward to reading this one too. It has the infamous Baby Surprise Jacket in it which I have seen discussed many, many times on Ravelry.

Of course it seems rude to visit a Sock Yarn site and not buy some sock yarn. How that Cherry Tree Hill yarn fell into my shopping basket I do not know - but it is very pretty.

(picture from Socktopus and shows River Run Supersock yarn from Cherry Tree Hill)

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