Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rosedale United

I have been working on this jumper forever - or so it seems. It is being knitted on circular needles and is seemingly a dream to knit. Yet it is killing me. I have frogged it back countless times - how difficult can a jumper be? I am knitting it in the lovely Noro Kureyon with lovely green and brown stripes and I am loving it so much.

It's just that flippin' Intarsia panel - I cannot do it. Look:

See what I mean? It's a mess. I learnt how to do a lovely wrap and turn and that did help on one side - but the other side continues to be a disaster.

So I have admitted defeat and have frogged the Intarsia panel out and just knitting a plain jumper - which is still looking fabulous as it's Noro Kureyon.

To cheer myself up I have just cast on my first Tomten jacket - I just hope Orla hasn't grown too much by the time I finish it...

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