Sunday, October 19, 2008

Feather and Fan scarf

Feather and Fan scarf
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A work in progress that fits nicely into my bag at the moment.

I'm using bamboo circulars and bronze coloured yarn - ONline Linie 135 Goby - which is lovely to work with. As it gets longer this scarf is draping really nicely. A lovely, simple knit that I no longer need the pattern for .

Planning on taking this to Ireland with me as I hope it will get through airport security...

This is going to be a Christmas present for someone - so look away if you are likely to be getting a present from me this year *giggle*.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Finishing things

Lots of things been finished off today - so thought I'd blog about them too. First up - here is my first Baby Surprise Jacket

I absolutely loved knitting this. It's not perfect - I lost track of some of the increases and decreases but it was fun and I think it looks great. I used Debbie Bliss' Cashmerino Aran - which was a dream to knit with. I love the contrasting stripes - makes it look super smart. The buttons are originally from my Grandmother's button tin.

Next up is another Baby Surprise jacket knitted in Kraft Koala's Aran:

I'm not as happy with this one - think I prefer BSJ's in single colours - rather than variegated yarn. Sewed the buttons on today - after emptying my button tin trying to find something that looked good. Think the brown ones are perfect - love how the yarn used to sew them on changes colour from button to button.

Next is the lovely pinwheel blanket.

I made this back in July on the way back from France. I used Peaches and Creme 100% cotton - which is quite thick to knit with. I love the pattern on this but stopped too soon - I was eager to finish it. I should have kept going. I may give this to Orla to use as a toy blanket. I still need to block it as the edges curl.

I love the detail on the centre though - the pinwheel itself - will definitely be knitting more of this - with wool next time I think.

Finally I have my Christmas Stocking.

This has been made for a swap I am involved in. I am making for a lovely American lady so I thought I would go overboard on the 'Scottish' theme. I used just two colours - a lot of the patterns I looked at were full of bright colours and made me feel quite ill. I like the simplicity and the contrast of just two. I put saltires around the top and the just used simple patterns down the leg and foot with plain heel and toe. I put i-cord around the top and used that to add a loop. It is not as neat as I hoped - but I still need to block it which I am hoping will squash the heel and toe into shape a little more. It was a fun knit and if I get time before Christmas I may make another.

That's all for now folks...

Umbilical Cord Hats

Umbilical Cord Hats
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Yes - more hats - I seem to have an endless queue of friends having babies at the moment including two lots of twins. The second lot being born this week - so the knitting has been fast and furious. Also - I love making these hats.

I strayed from my usual 100% silk to using Noro's Silkgarden - it's such a dream to knit with. I love that no two of the hats are the same.

I bought two skeins and didn't realise until I got home that they were different colours - but for these hats it didn't matter. Each skein yielded two hats - and still some to spare. I think I can get another hat out of the remnants - will try later.

Just need to wrap them and post them off to their new owners.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ra Ra Ravenclaw

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Finally got round to finishing off Ruaridh's hat.

He didn't want Gryffindor like his brother, instead he wanted Ravenclaw. I really like the colours in this one - the book and the film have different colours - I think the book is bronze and navy and the film silver and navy - so this is the film colours.

I have enough wool to make them both a scarf and will start on them once I have found the right circular needle - they all seem to be missing at the moment.

I used Cascade 200 wool - which I love knitting with - so nice and chunky - and fantastic colours too.