Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Stash Busting

Stash Basket 9
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I sorted out my stash yesterday - sorting the yarn by manufacturer. This picture is the Noro basket and is soooo lovely. Unfortunately it will probably be the first basket to empty as the Kureyon on the left is destined for a jumper that I am knitting for me.

I did get a pang of guilt at the size of my stash - and am very aware that it is a reflection of my long hours on the computer when I am home alone with the children.

My previous addiction - babywearing is sadly coming to an end (unless I get pregnant again) so I will be selling off my sling/wrap stash soon once I can bring myself to price, wash and photo them.

Hopefully my knitting addiction will last a little longer than babywearing and I may see the bottom of some of the other baskets too.

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