Saturday, July 19, 2014

Jelly Roll Race

I have had a jelly roll knocking around for ages and finally picked it up this week. I have known about jelly roll races for a while (go google them) and found this video which explains the technique.

So I thought I would give it a go. It took a while to get the machine set up and get used to the technique. Certainly not the neatest of quilt tops. But, nevertheless, I am pleased with the results. I still have all of the finishing to do, so the edging and the padding and the top stitching.

What do you think?

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Anna Dunford said...

Woo hoo, great to find you are both blogging and quilting again =) I've been a bit out of things this year in terms of catching up with other peoples' blogs so thanks for linking to it on Facebook to make me look =)

I've never used jelly rolls - mainly as I'm trying just to use the stash I have, as it really needs to get smaller before I buy any more but seeing projects like this does make it rather tempting...
A xxx