Monday, March 31, 2014

Hello there

Well, well, well. It has been a long time. Rather than bore you with apologies and reasons I will dive straight in and show you something. Look at these little crochet squares.

They are made from mini skeins of 4ply or scrap yarn. I made simple granny squares with the intention of making something for my daughter at some point. The colours are all a similar tone. Whenever I line them up though they are just so dull.

So then I thought I might Babette them so I started unravelling the squares and starting again, but this was soooo time consuming and I didn't get very far.

So my next thought was a bit of a fluke. I had a ball of cream wool lying around after a stash shake up. One evening I grapped it and did a round on the outside of some of the squares. And wham, bam, thank you ma'am look at the squares now. They possitively zing. So much better, the colours are lifted and don't merge into one. So glad I have not frogged them all.

My problem now is I only have one ball of the wool. And of course it is labeless. I think it is Noro Cash Iroha which has been discontinued. It looks like I need to go to my local store and see if there is a Drops alternative that is close in colour, because I am not frogging them again...

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Peeriemoot said...

Blimey, the difference is amazing! Very nice :-).