Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I sew too

I have a sewing machine and have had it for some time.

On Sunday I finally wiped off the dust and got it out.  I spent ages threading the needle and just playing.  Eventually I admitted I had no clue what I was doing and headed over to my lovely friend Natalie's house.

We plugged it in and set it up and I sewed together some patchwork squares - start simple.

Then I mentioned I had with me the fabric and pattern for some pyjamas I have been meaning to make forever!  So we abandoned the patchwork and got the pattern out and away we went.

Natalie taught me all about how to use a pattern.  How to trace the pattern and pin it all out.  What all the lines mean on the pattern, how to find the grain on the fabric.  It was awesome.  I learned so much.  Much more than I would have done on my own or using Youtube.  Really, I had a blast.

I came home with the not quite completed trousers having had to leave the hem and waist unfinished as I needed Orla to try them on.

Well she is thrilled - loves the idea of Mummy and a sewing machine and has a ton of ideas of things I need to make - mostly clothes for her toys it seems.

Last night I finished the waist band and pinned the hems.  This morning I finished them off and ta-daaa....

What do you think?

They are by no means perfect but for my first time on a sewing machine I am thrilled.  I am so tempted to rush to the school and drag her out to try them on.  I will have to wait.

I put little hearts on the bottom... can you see the problem?  Whoops!

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picperfic said...

I love the hearts on the bottom of the trousers. I love the embroidery stitches on janome machines :) Wonder what you'll make next??