Tuesday, August 31, 2010

St. Abbs Wool Festival

I headed along to the Woolfish festival in St. Abbs yesterday. It was a gorgeous day - lovely and sunny. I took Orla along with me and we had fun.

I met up with people from the Woolfish knitting group who I hadn't seen for ages - was lovely.

Natalie from the Yarn Yard was there too with Jane. I sat and knitted with them for a while and finished off my August socks - Orla was thrilled and wanted to be in the photo:

I was a bit disappointed that at the end of the Flying Saucer yarn it looked like the yarn hadn't been dyed properly. Do you see what I mean?

I was very good and just bought one skein of Crannog (The Yarn Yard's lovely new yarn). Can't wait to cast it on.

This was my view of Natalie's stall - yummy...


Probably Jane said...

It was a lovely surprise to catch up with you again!

Spundun said...

Drooool, that yarn looks wonderful!