Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Log cabin Blanket

So - I started on it. I decided not to use the Rowan Tweed as I think I sold most of it. But I did realise I have a substantial stash of Cascade 220 bought for a Dr. Who scarf which I know I will never make and for Harry Potter hats/scarves.I cast on and followed the instructions and made my first square.

I love the pattern, love the colours, love the yarn... but hate the picking up. I am just rubbish at it and can't seem to get it neat. The perfectionist is telling me to rip it all back and start again but I think I will leave it and hopefully by the end of the squares I will see an improvement in my tension and my techniques.My problem seems to be using the correct part of the stitch to use when picking up - and no amount of googling is helping me to find the correct bit to use. Feeling frustrated.
In the meantime these are the colours I have to hand - but I have a few more on the way from a few kind Ravellers who are letting me buy up their Cascade 220 stashes - hee.


Helen said...

It's very snuggly, and looks delicious. Have you tried going through the gap between the two end stitches, and picking up the whole of the end stitch? I find that works best for me.

Spinningfishwife said...

Have you seen this very clear tutorial post on picking up stitches, from Yarn Harlot? Might help, though actually I think your picking up looks better than mine!


Spinningfishwife said...

Try again with linkie...


June 24th 2009 on Harlot's blog, anyway.