Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Drop Spindling on Youtube

I often find myself looking for the same thing over and over again. One of these things is the drop spindling tutorials on YouTube. So I thought I would link them into my blog for ease of use.

So here we go - a list of tutorials you may find useful if you are new to drop spindling or want to improve your techniques.

Megan LaCore has a number of videos showing the techniques:

I love watching her tutorials - she is very clear and shows what you need to do - the only thing that bugs me is she always has background music playing! I found her blog as well which is full of lots of craft information.

Abby Franquemont also has a number of videos:

Some of Abby's are purely just to watch her spin which is useful once you have the basics. She has a lot of other videos about wheel spinning - but I'll save those until I have the wheel I am borrowing. (Did I tell you all I'm borrowing a spinning wheel? So excited!)

Some videos of Navajo plying:

Will add more links to this later - but have to take the kids out.

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