Thursday, October 2, 2008

Umbilical Cord Hats

Umbilical Cord Hats
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Yes - more hats - I seem to have an endless queue of friends having babies at the moment including two lots of twins. The second lot being born this week - so the knitting has been fast and furious. Also - I love making these hats.

I strayed from my usual 100% silk to using Noro's Silkgarden - it's such a dream to knit with. I love that no two of the hats are the same.

I bought two skeins and didn't realise until I got home that they were different colours - but for these hats it didn't matter. Each skein yielded two hats - and still some to spare. I think I can get another hat out of the remnants - will try later.

Just need to wrap them and post them off to their new owners.

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The Holistic Knitter said...

I love umbilical cord hats ;0)