Monday, August 18, 2008


I have these on the needles at the moment. They are my first pair of wool longies and

I am loving knitting them. So, so easy. Why haven't I knit these before?

I bought the wool from Krafty Koala because it is very similar to my Didymos Martin wrap (geek!).

Still a way to go as these are going to be longies, not just a soaker. Isn't the pooling fab??

And in other news... I've finished my Molly's Headband - in Noro Aurora - and I love it. It's my first piece of lace work and I adore it. It still needs blocking so is wider than it looks.

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The Holistic Knitter said...

I knitted a Molly Headband a few weeks ago and I love it too. Love the colours in yours ;0)