Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Owl

Not really knitting I know. I have done my first bit of sewing for years and I am rather chuffed.

It's all my mother's fault - we stopped off at their house on the way back from holiday and she gave me a bag of fabric which included this fabric..

... which I loved. The owl especially - look, isn't he cute??....

So - I cut him out and rummaged through my fabric and found a backing piece, cleared out the sewing box and found some thread (and lots of things I forgot I owned...) and started on him.

And - I finished him - and he's lovely...
And here's a picture of him with Orla - so you can get a sense of scale...

So there you go - a new hobby *grin*

There are 3 more on the fabric cut off as well as some mice and some hedgehogs - so I may make a whole menagerie!

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